Altech Netstar Sleuth is an entry-level phone-in system, whereby you are required to advise Altech Netstar of a theft or hijacking.

Sleuth provides tracking and recovery throughout South Africa and in Southern African states in which Altech Netstar has a presence.

Sleuth features

In the event of your vehicle being stolen or hijacked, and it is fitted with a Sleuth, immediately telephone your nearest control centre to report the theft.

Once the control centre operator has all the details of the incident, activation signals will be transmitted to your Sleuth, and recovery crews dispatched as required.

Sleuth can only be activated by Altech Netstar, either from a control centre, or from a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft.

The unit transmits a silent signal, which can be intercepted by our networks or by our mobile tracking equipment.  The control centre operator will keep you updated with the recovery progress.

Sleuth benefits

Peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle is ever stolen that Altech Netstar’s professional recovery team can recover your vehicle.

The stolen vehicle recovery service includes two free remote tests per year. Thereafter these are charged for at a minimal fee.


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